Wolof Numbers, Time & Dates

Days of the Week ♦ Months of the Year ♦ Hours of the Day ♦ Calendar Dates
Temporal Constructs ♦ Example Phrases ♦ Units of Time ♦ Numbers

Days of the Week

Monday altine
Tuesday talaata
Wednesday àllarba
Thursday alxames
Friday àjjuma
Saturday gaawu
Sunday dibéer

Download Wolof Days of the Week digital flashcard set.

Months of the Year

January saawiye
February feewirye
March mars
April awriil
May mee
June suwe
July suleet
August ut
September septàmbar
October oktoobar
November noowàmbar
December deesàmbar

Hours of the Day

one o’clock benn waxtu
two o’clock ñaari waxtu
three o’clock ñetti waxtu
four o’clock ñeent waxtu
five o’clock juróomi waxtu
six o’clock juróomi-benn waxtu
seven o’clock juróomi-ñaari waxtu
eight o’clock juróomi-ñetti waxtu
nine o’clock juróomi-ñeent waxtu
ten o’clock fukki waxtu
eleven o’clock fukki waxtu ak benn
twelve o’clock fukki waxtu ak ñaar

 Calendar Dates

first bu njëk
second ñaaréélu
third ñettéélu
fourth ñeentéélu
fifth juróoméélu
sixth juróom-bennéélu
seventh juróom-ñaaréélu
eighth juróom-ñettéélu
ninth juróom-ñeentéélu
tenth fukkéélu
eleventh fukk ak bennéélu
twelfth fukk ak ñaaréélu
thirteenth fukk ak ñettéélu
fourteenth fukk ak ñeentéélu
fifteenth fukk ak juróoméélu
sixteenth fukk ak juróom-bennéélu
seventeenth fukk ak juróom-ñaaréélu
eighteenth fukk ak juróom-ñettéélu
nineteenth fukk ak juróom-ñeentéélu
twentieth ñaar-fukkéélu
twenty-first ñaar-fukk ak bennéélu
twenty-second ñaar-fukk ak ñaaréélu
twenty-third ñaar-fukk ak ñettéélu
twenty-fourth ñaar-fukk ak ñeentéélu
twenty-fifth ñaar-fukk ak juróoméélu
twenty-sixth ñaar-fukk ak juróom-bennéélu
twenty-seventh ñaar-fukk ak juróom-ñaaréélu
twenty-eighth ñaar-fukk ak juróom-ñettéélu
twenty-ninth ñaar-fukk ak juróom-ñeentéélu
thirtieth ñett-fukkéélu
thirty-first ñett-fukk ak bennéélu

Temporal Constructs

yesterday démb
today tey
tomorrow suba
daytime bëcëg
nighttime guddi
morning ci suba
afternoon ci ngoon
evening ci guddi

Example Phrases

What time is it? Ban waxtoo jot?
It’s 10:30 A.M. Fukki waxtu ak genne-wall a jot ci suba.
Today is December 15th. Tey la fukkeeli fan ak juróom ci weeru desaambar.

Units of Time

minute miniit
hour waxtu
day bés
week bés bu ay
month weer
year at


one benn
two ñaar
three ñett
four ñeent
five juróom
six juróom-benn
seven juróom-ñaar
eight juróom-ñett
nine juróom-ñeent
ten fukk
eleven fukk ak benn
twelve fukk ak juróom-ñeent
twenty ñaar-fukk
twenty-one ñaar fukk ak benn
thirty ñett-fukk
forty ñeent-fukk
fifty juróom-fukk
sixty juróom-benn-fukk
one hundred téeméer
one hundred one téeméer ak benn
two hundred ñaari téeméer
one thousand junni
one thousand five hundred ninety-nine junni ak juróomi téeméer ak juróom-ñeent-fukk ak juróom-ñeent

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