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English to Wolof

action jéf
adze dené
all yëp
already jeeg
arrow fetta
bamboo waax
bean ñebbe
before bërka
biscuit mbiskit
butter bëër
button butong
buying njénda
canoe gaal
cassava ñambi
center digga
cord buum
corpse néew
cotton wittéén
country rééw
creature mbindéef
cultivation mbey
daytime bëccëg
driver dërayva
elephant ñay
epidemic mbas
Europe erop
eye bët
farmer béykay
farming mbay
fifth juroomel
flute mbilip
forehead je
four ñanent
French faranse
gaol jeel
gas gaas
Ghana gaana
goat bëy
grass ñax
hand loxo
hare njomboor
hat mbaxana
here fi
hole bënna
hospital lopitaan
house néég
husband jekër
iguana mbëta
intestines butiit
joy mbégté
judgment atte
kitchen waañ
liver res
locust njééréér
loss looraange
love mbëggeel, nobel
Monday londi
mother yaay
mouth gémmeñ
necklace caxa
one jeen
only rekk
owl looy
plan mbir
plank dénka
pot cin
price njëg
pus dëtta
quiet teey
religion diiné
root reen
Saturday gaawu
sauce ñeex
school ekol
second nyaarel
shame gacce
sheath mbar
singlet genso
sowing nji
street mbedda
strength kattan
Sunday dibéér
supper reer
tailor ñawkat
tea attaya
thigh luppa
thirty fanweer
thread woñ
tooth bëñ
underskirt njiitlay
use jéfoo
vegetable lejum
war geer
watchman wocmaan
whatever lu
wrestler bërekat, mber
wrestling bëre
writing mbinda
xylophone balafong
year at
yes waaw
zero dara

Wolof to English

aj to go on a pilgrimage
ajjana ji heaven, paradise
almanaak bi calendar
anda bi a perforated pot for burning incense
aye to be the turn of
baxa to be light; to dye light blue
bëy wi goat
binda to write
buy bi baobab fruit
calbet mi wagtail
cammeñ bi brother (sister speaking)
ciz bi cheese
daa ji ink, inkwell
dar to cover, protect
dëbba to pound
dexi to harvest (groundnuts, etc.)
diiné ji religion
dof to be mad
doktoor bi doctor
door to begin
doylu to be happy, satisfied
ëgga bi rain in the dry season
ëw form a circle around
falang bi a hairstyle with hanging braids
fas wi horse
fer to be weaned
firi to unroll, loosen, explain
foog to think
gajja to cut (bushes, etc.) near roots
gakka to be spoiled, stained
gañceñ gi vertebrae (of animal)
geer gi Guiera senegalensis
géwel bi griot, musician, etc.
gu which (relative)
halam guitar
ite ji sensation, feeling
jaambur bi freeborn
jarat to comb
jela to squint
jeneen another
julli to pray
juroomeeli fifth
këf ki thing
korité festival at the end of the month of Ramadan
kwafe to do hair
layyi to be misty
lèx bi cheek
liw to be cold
loxo bi hand
luye to hire
mbiskit mi biscuit
mbojj mi first pounding of grain
mbuus mi leather bag, skin bag
mool bi a type of fisherman
muri to uncover
nduumaar li turtle
nektay bi necktie
ñemeñ to have courage, not be afraid
nga to open the mouth
ngott to lack generosity
ni as
njaaloo gi adultery
njuna wi tunafish
noflaay gi rest
noppi to be finished
obali to yawn
oos gi fishhook
oyof to be light (in weight)
paj mi treatment
puus to push
quai platform
raaf to be destroyed, cease to exist
rafle to lack clothing
réy to be big
saasal to solder
samdi ji Saturday
saxami to chew
tanka bi foot
tayyi to be tired
tëgga to beat a drum, to hammer iron, etc.
tër to hold down
toxor to be numbed
urus gold
viande meat
waaaxu to walk quickly with long strides
wandeelu to wander about
wattatu to crawl
weñ gi iron
werta to be green
woñoo to be in dispute with one another
xaaf mi a ram
xana isn’t it that, or, perhaps
xas to scold
xef wi eyelash
yal to shake, to be loose
yale form of the word ‘those’
yelwaan to beg for alms
yonné to send
yotu to try to reach (with the hands, etc.)
zoo zoo

Phrase Dictionary

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Wolof to English

Amoon na fi. Once upon a time.
Amul boppa. He has no sense.
Ana Faatu? Where is Faatu?
Ana mu? Where is he? / Where is it?
Ana waa kër ga? Where are the people of the compound? (How is your family?)
Atte Yalla la. It is the judgment of God. (It is fate.)
Aw ma guru. I have no kola.
Aw yoon am. He goes on his way.
Awa, ñu dem. Well then, let’s go.
Baay bi tiit lool. The father was very much afraid.
Ban liggeey ngay def? What work do you do?
Be bëgga dee. Until he nearly died. (emphatic)
Bu fa yagga. Don’t be long there.
Bu Gamble ñowati. When Gamble comes again.
Bul def loolu. Don’t do that.
Da ma bëgga ma fey la. I would like to pay you.
Dama bëgga jëkkër. I am looking for a husband.
Degga naa né. I have heard that.
Dem na liggeey. He has gone to work.
Demal ñaana rénda. Go and ask for dried fish.
Demul fenn. He did not go anywhere.
Di na buur. He is a king.
Di na dem. He will come.
Di naa fa ñow. I will come there.
Di naa ñow. I will come.
Di nga am doom de! You will have a child!
Doo naan ndox? Won’t you drink water?
Fab fetal gi, diir ko, jam ko. He took the gun, aimed it, and shot him.
Fan la dekka? Where does he live?
Fan nga dem? Where are you going?
Faral na a ko def. I have often done it.
Fi nga dëkka? Is it here you live?
Fii la nekka. It is here he stays.
Foo nekkon? Where have you been?
Geej gi di geej i Saalum. The sea is the sea of Saalum.
Geej gi fer na. The tide has gone out.
Jamma nga endu? Have you spent the day in peace?
Jamma nga fanaan? Have you spent the night in peace? (i.e. ‘good morning’)
Jox ko loxo. Shake hands with him.
Jox ma ci, ma mos. Give me a bit to taste.
Kaay lekka ci soow. Come eat a bit of sour milk.
Kañ nga ñow? When did you come?
Ki laa bugga. This is the man I want.
Ki olof la. He is a Wolof.
Ku la ko won? Who showed it to you?
Ku laa bañ, yal na dee. Whoever hates you, may he perish.
Li lan la? What is that?
Loo ame? What have you got with you?
Loo bëgga? What do you want?
Loo gis? What do you see?
Lu dem ci nyaar i fukk i at. For as much as twenty years.
Lu mu wax am na dalill. What he says has a reason.
Lu muy def? What is he doing?
Lu Yalla atte. What God decides.
Ma né. I say.
Ma won la. Let me show you.
Man olof laa. I am a Wolof.
Mangi ci kow am, ndanka ndanka. I am at it, bit by bit.
Mangi feexlu tuuti. I am getting a little fresh air.
Mangi ñow. I’m coming.
Matta ko ci tanka. It bit him on the foot.
May ma ci xaalis. Give me a bit of money.
May ma ci. Give me a bit.
May ma guru. Give me kola.
May ma ndox ma naan. Give me water to drink.
Mu dem? Can he go?
Mu ne ko. He told him.
Mu ne leen. He told them.
Mu né. He says.
Munga fa. He is over there.
Munge nelaw. He is sleeping.
Munge nyow. He is coming.
Mungi ni. Here he is.
Mungi! That’s it!
Na rees ak jamma. May it be digested in peace.
Ñaata at nga am? How old are you?
Naka liggeey bi? How is the work?
Neex na lool. It is very sweet.
Ñenenteel ba di waañ wa. The fourth is the kitchen.
Nit ñangi fey lakka gi. People are putting out the bush fire.
Ñow-atul. It will not come anymore.
Ñuy waajal ngénté la. They made preparations for the naming ceremony.
Penda aw ci yoon wi. Penda set off.
Soppal sa jabar te bul oolu. Love your wife but do not trust her (with your secrets).
Su neexe Yalla. If it pleases God.
Suma doom fer na. My child is weaned.
Suma jabar dafa biir. My wife is pregnant.
Suma yaay dafa réér. My mother is dead.
Waa dëkka bi yëpp. All the people of the town.
War fas wi di daw. He mounted the horse and galloped off.
Waxu leen ma ci dara. You told me nothing about it.
Won ma. Show me.
Won na ko ko. He showed him it.
Xam naa ko, mo di jëkkër i Koddu Jañ. I know him, he is the husband of Koddu Jañ.
Yagga nga fii? Have you been long here.
Yalla, Yalla, béy sa tool. Invoke God, but cultivate your farm. (God helps those who help themselves.)
Yeet ma ci ndox. Bring me some water.

English to Wolof

A table for three. Ñett lanu.
Bring us some bissap. Indil nu bisaap.
Bring your price down a bit. Waññil.
Come and take me with you, don’t go and leave me. Kay yobbaale ma, do dem baay ma.
Do you have a watch? Am nga montar?
Everyone was coming to the funeral. Ñep angi ñow ci dëj bi.
For me, the yassa. Man yaasa.
Give me the money. Indil xaalis bi.
Goodbye now. Ba beneen yoon.
He is fine. Mi ngi ci jàmm.
Her mother has gone to Saloum. Yaay am dem na Saalum.
Here’s the menu. Kart baa ngi.
Here’s your change! Am sa weccit!
How about 700cfa? Teemeer ak ñeent fukk angi?
How are you? Na nga def?
How is your child? Sa doom jàmm?
How is your family? Ana sa waa kër?
How is your wife? Mbaa sa jabar jàmm?
How many do you want? Ñaata?
How much / many? Naata la?
How much are you selling this for? Ñaata ngay jaaye bii?
How much is it from here to Sandaga? Fii ba Sandaga ñaata?
How much is it? Ñaata lay jar?
How much is that? Ñaata la?
How much is your fish? Sa jën wi ñaata lay jar?
How much will you pay? Loo fey?
How was your day? Jàmm nga yendoo?
How was your night? Jàmm nga fanaane?
I am from America. Maa ngi jóge Amerik.
I am hungry. Da maa xiif.
I am not afraid of you. Ragalu ma la.
I am thirsty. Da maa mar.
I can’t add any more. Du ma ci tekk dara.
I don’t like hot pepper. Bëgguma kaani.
I like hot pepper. Bëgg naa kaani.
I only have 800cfa. Teemeer ak juróom benn fukki dërëm laa am.
I want him to take me along. Dama bugga mu yobbuwaale.
I will pay 1000cfa. Fey naa la ñaari teemeeri dërëm.
I will pay 75cfa. Fey naa la fukk ak juróom.
I’ll add 100cfa but no more. Tekk naa ci ñaar-fukk du ma ci yokk dara.
I’ll cook rice and fish. Di naa togga ceeb u jen.
I’ll do it for 850cfa. Defal naa la ko teemeer ak juróom ñaar fukk.
I’ll have fish and rice. Di maa jël ceebu jën.
I’m fine. Maa ngi fi.
I’m full. Suur na.
Is there mafe? Ndax am na maafé?
Isn’t it true? Du dëgga?
It tastes spicy. Saf na kaani.
It was fine. Jàmm rekk.
It was good. Neexoon na.
It’s 10 o’clock. Fukki waxtu a jot.
It’s 10:30 a.m. Fukki waxtu ak genne-wall a jot.
It’s a quarter to 10 p.m. Fukki waxtu des na fukki minit juróom.
It’s cold. Sedd na.
It’s five p.m. Juróomi waxtu ci ngoon.
It’s hot.  Tang na.
It’s not cold. Seddul.
It’s not hot. Tangul.
It’s not spicy. Saful kaani.
It’s the truth. Dëgga la.
Lower your price! Waññil!
More sauce, please. Dollil tuuti ñeex.
My name is David. Maa ngi tudd Daawuda.
No one can deny it. Kenn mën a ko weddi.
No, I don’t have a watch. Amuma montar.
No, that’s not what it’s worth. Deedeet du njëg-am.
OK, get in. Yéegal.
Please bring us some cold water. Indil nu ndox mu sedd.
She is fine. Jàmm rekk.
She washed and washed until it was finished. Mu foot a foot be pare.
She went off to do the washing. Mu dem footi.
Some ice please. Tuuti galaas.
Stop here. Taxawal fii.
That watch, how much does it cost? Sa montar bi ñaata lay jar?
That’s expensive! Seer na lóol!
That’s no good. Loolu baaxul.
That’s too much. Seer na lool.
There’s ten minutes left. Des na fukki minit.
These shoes, how much are they? Sa dall yi ñaata lay jar?
They are fine. Ñu nga fa.
This is my mother. Kii sama yaay la.
This is where it belongs. Fii la dëkka.
We would like to pay. Danu bëgg fey.
We’re going. Nu ngi dem.
Welcome. Agsi leen.
What did you say? Nga ni?
What do you have that is ready? Lu fi am soti?
What is your name? Nanga tudd?
What time is it? Ban waxtoo jot?
What will you have to drink? Lu ngeen di naan?
What would be a better price? Lu seerul?
When you go, take me with you. Soo demee, yobbaale ma.
Whenever you like. Saa yu la neexee.
Where are you from? Foo jóge?
Where is the nearest restaurant? Fan moo am restoraan?
Where is the restroom? Fan mooy seen wanaag?
Won’t you stay and chat? Doo waxtaan?
Yes, I have a watch. Waaw am naa montar.
Yes, there is. Waaw-waaw am na.
You’ve spoken the truth. Wax nga dëgga.

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