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Wolof Language – Wikipedia

 Wolof is a language of SenegalThe Gambia, and Mauritania, and the native language of the Wolof people. Like the neighbouring languages Serer and Fula, it belongs to the Senegambian branch of the Niger–Congo language family. Unlike most other languages of Sub-Saharan Africa, Wolof is not a tonal language.

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Basic Wolof Phrases

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Essentials | sólo

Wolof / Français
[Pulaar / Mandinka]


Salaam aleekum. / Bonjour.
sa·laam a·ley·kum / bon·zhoor
[P: No ngoolu daa. / M: I be ñaading.]

Mangi dem. / Au revoir.
maan·gee dem / o·rer·vwar
[P: Ñalleen e jamm. / M: Fo tuma doo.]

Bu la neexee. / S’il vous plaît.
boo la ney·khey / seel voo pley
[P: Njaafodaa. / M: Dukare.]

Thank you.
Jërejëf. / Merci.
je·re·jef / mair·see
[P: A jaaraamah. / M: I ning bara.]

You’re welcome.
Amul sólo. / Je vous en prie.
uh·mool so·lo / zher voo zom pree
[P: Enen ndendidum. / M: Mbee le dentaala.]

Waaw. / Oui.
wow / wee
[P: Eey. / M: Haa.]

Déedéet. / Non.
dey·deyt / non
[P: Alaa. / M: Hani.]

Sorry. (Excuse me.)
Baal ma. (Jéggël ma.) / Pardon. (Excusez-moi.)
baal ma (jey·guhl mah) / par·don (ek·skew·zay·mwa)
[P: Achanam hakke. (Yaafo.) / M: Hakko tuñe.]

Do you speak English?
Ndax dégg nga angale? / Parlez-vous anglais?
ndakh deg nguh an·ga·ley / par·ley·voo ong·ley
[P: Ada faama engale? / M: Ye angkale kango moyle?]

Do you understand? (Do you speak … ?)
Dégg nga? / Comprenez-vous?
deg nguh / kom·pre·ney·voo
[P: (Ada nana … ?) / M: (Ye … kango moyle?)]

I understand.
Dégg naa. / Je comprends.
deg na / zher kom·pron
[P: Mi faami. / M: Ngaa kalamuta le.]

I don’t understand.
Dégguma. / Je ne comprends pas.
deg·goo·ma / zher ner kom·pron pa
[P: Mi faamaani / M: Mma kalamuta.]

Wóoy! / Au secours!
wohy / o·skoor
[P: Ballal! / M: Nso orangzola!]

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Wolof Alphabet

Latin alphabet for Wolof

Latin alphabet for Wolof

Wolof (Latin) alphabet
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ëë Ff Gg Ii
Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Ññ Ŋŋ Oo Pp
Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Ww Xx Yy

Wolof was first written with a version of the Arabic script known as Wolofal, which is still used by many older men in Senegal. The Wolof orthography using the Latin alphabet was standardised in 1974 and is the official script for Wolof in Senegal.

Wolof is also sometimes written with an alphabet devised by Assane Faye, a Senegalese artist, in 1961. This alphabet is written from right to left and is modelled loosely on the Arabic script.

Traduction Wolof

Dictionaries, translation and language resources

Home > Online dictionaries by language > Wolof dictionaries
Home > Online dictionaries by language > Wolof dictionaries

English Wolof Dictionary – 1995 (EN<->WO), Swedish/Wolof/English Dictionary (SV>WO-EN), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI) 
Freelang Dictionary (FR<->WO), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI) 
De Judicibus – Italian-Wolof General Dictionary (IT<->WO), Bravo – Wolof Swearing Dictionary (WO>IT), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI) 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI) 
Swedish/Wolof/English Dictionary (SV>WO-EN), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI) 

Learn Wolof



Wolof Video Course

5 Video lessons/chapters are available for free. The site is funded by a grant and they are looking for contributors to help develop more learning materials.

Wolof Online

A Wolof Primer. Some people say Wolof if too hard to learn or teach, this website is seeking to prove them wrong. There ae 11 learning modules (for a fee) and a English-Wolof dictionary and Wolof grammar text that you can download for free in .pdf format.

Wikipedia – Wolof

Improve your Wolof language skills by reading the Wolof language version of Wikipedia.

Learning Wolof Language

An Annotated Guide to Learning the Wolof Language

An Annotated Guide to Learning the Wolof Language
An Annotated Guide to Learning the Wolof Language

So you would like to learn Wolof?

This site offers links to a whole lot of resources both on and off the Internet to help you do just that. We give you some guidance about how to go about learning Wolof, especially if you have access to a native Wolof speaker. We have provided a guide on how to make each sound in Wolof. We have also provided a detailed Senegalese Wolof grammar manual (.pdf format, 382kB) and a number of vocabulary resource pages, listing Wolof vocabulary for a particular subject. Then there are resources you might find helpful. And the Internet provides plenty of things for you to read and listen to in Wolof. A good number of institutions in the U.S.A and Europe actually have Wolof courses. Finally there are various articles about the Wolof language and its use, right from the very light to serious academic works. A new addition to the site is a series of modules in Wolof for the program Online Bible including those parts of the Bible in Wolof published to date, a gospel harmony, a Wolof Bible dictionary, and a Wolof-English Bible dictionary-concordance.