Wolof / English – A

am his, her, its
a it is (cf. la)
a used with a variety of verbs
a used to indicate repitition
a ending for the definite article, etc. which indicates distance from the speaker
à côté de (Fr.) next to
a jaaraama (sg) (Fula) thank you
à l’heure (Fr.) on time
aa dom oh, child
aa, aaa an exclamation
aaba v. to borrow, lend
aabakat n. borrower, lender
aacha exp. go ahead (used as a command)
aada tradition
aada j (Ar.) custom, tradition
Aadama (Ar.) Adam. A name given to a twin, the other being Hawa (Eve)
aaduna n. the world, generation, universe
Aaf-day (E.) Half-Die (a district of Banjul)
aaga n. to arrive (there), to reach (a stopping point)
aaga v. to arrive at, to reach
aaga/eega v. to arrive at, to reach
aagee v. to deliver a message, to make reach
aagee/eegee v. to deliver a message, to make reach
aa-haa an exclamation: ‘that’s right’
aajana n. heaven, paradise
aajē v. to bring down; to make fun of
aaji n. female title after going to Mecca
aaji v. to unhook, to hit a target, to bring down
aajo j (Ar.) desire, need
aajo va. to be respectful, need, anxiety
aajor b inhabitant of Kayor
aajuma n. Friday
Aajuma/gaaw n. Friday
aaka n. confrontation, attack verbally
aaka v. confront
aakara n. spicy bean cake
aala n. the bush, forest
Aalarba/aaralba n. Wednesday
aale a suffix indicating ‘somewhat’, with colors ‘…ish’
aale a suffix indicating ‘with’
aaluwa n. a wooden writing tablet
aamé v. to keep/to take care of, to be in possession of
aamēn n. amen (in answer to prayer)
aan a suffix indicating habitual or professional action
aanda + ak to accompany
aanda leen you go together
aanda v. to go well with (something); to accompany
aanda v. to go together
aandandor n. acquaintance, colleague, friend. (see ‘aanda’)
aankese sek bi an-ke-sey sek bee cash a check
aankese traveler bi an-ke-sey tra-ve-ler bee change a travellers cheque
aapa v. to limit
aapal v. to limit
aar n. protection
aar v. protect, to save
aar yaram wi to protect the body
aarab v. to drop
Aasaka n. annual tithe given to the mosque or to the needy (one of the pillars of Islam)
aat a suffix indicating ‘again’
aat b n. an uncircumsized person
aate n. to adjucate/to judge
aatee v. to judge, seperate
aateekaay n. courthouse
aateekat n. magistrate
aawlu adj. to have bad luck
aawo b n. the first wife in a polygynous marriage
aaxa baaxut it is not good to sin
aaxa n. sin (see ‘aaka’); the debt you owe someone for having done something bad to them
aay to be bad; to be strong at; to be good at
aay a suffix indicating abstraction
aay adj. to be very good at something
aay gaaf to bring bad luck to
aay v. (Sn.) to be bad
aay va. to be smart, ill-luck
aaya j verse of the Koran
aaye to prohibit
aayee v. to deprive (someone) of (something); prohibit, forbid
aay-gaaf va. to be ill-fated
aayoo to quieten a child
ab (from –b-) a form of the indefinite article. It precedes the noun
ab art. a
ab tol a garden, a farm
abada (Ar.) for ever
abadan n. forever/eternity
abal v. to lend something (to someone)
abale/able v. to borrow out, lend out
abba to borrow
Abdu (Ar.) a man’s name
Abdul (Ar.) a man’s name
Abdulaay (Ar.) a man’s name
Abisatu a woman’s name
able v. to lend (in a general sense), to lend out to someone
ablekat b lender
Absa a woman’s name
Abu a man’s name
aca ex. go (imperative), let’s do it, do it
aca int. go on, go away (the meaning of this word is always explained by the context or situation)
aca n. OK
aca xaj bi go, dog! (do not use ‘aca’ on adults)
acca go on! (Senegalese writers use ‘ayca’)
acca leen let’s go (pl.)
acca! used to drive animals away
accam! (Fula) leave me alone!
achanam hakke (Fula) sorry/pardon
Ada faama engale/faranse? (Fula) Do you speak English/French?
adapter adapter
adaptër a-dap-tuhr adaptor
addina j/adduna j (Ar.) the world
addu to reply
adduna yëpp the whole world
adi a suffix implying diminution
adina n. (aduna) world, universe
adisiyon a-di-see-yon check (bill)
adres ad-res address
adresse (Fr.) address
af to gape, have the mouth wide open
Af-daay Half-Die (a district of Banjul)
afeer b n. (Fr.) affair, business (French: affaire)
afra n. grilled meat, or grilled meat stall (Gambia); roasted meat
Afrig, Afirig, Afrik (Fr.) Africa (French: Afrique)
Afrika (E.) Africa
ag a form of the indefinite article
ag gaal a canoe
ag/ak conj. and, with, by
agenda agenda
agga to arrive at
aggali to welcome; welcoming gift
agrikolco (E.) Agriculture, as in the Department of…
agsi to arrive
agsi/egsi v. to arrive
agsil/agsileen ak jaam (sg/pl) you’re welcome
agugu Aku masquerade
agul a suffix indicating ‘not yet’
aifaare n. pagan
aik v. climb
aikerty v. lift, elevate
ailake adv. tomorrow
ailake-ce-baychak tomorrow afternoon
ailake-ce-goudy tomorrow night
ailake-ce-suba tomorrow morning
ainay n. wish
ainer n. mold
air condition (Gm.) air conditioning
air mail (Gm.) air mail
airplane (Gm.) airplane
airport (Gm.) airport
airport tax/duty (Gm.) airport tax
aj to place high up, to hang up
aj gi the pilgrimage
aj, aji to go on a pilgrimage
ajaratu n. female pilgrim, a woman who has been to Mecca, woman’s name, title given to a female pilgrim to Mecca
Aji title given to a woman who has made the pilgrimage
aji Makka to go to Mecca
aji v. to go on pilgrimage
ajjana j (Ar.) heaven, paradise
ajjeeku to descend
ajji to unhook, detach
ajji buy to loosen baobab fruit from tree
ajjuma (Ar.) Friday
àjjuma aj-ju-ma Friday
ajjuma ci suuba Friday morning
ajjuma jot Friday came
aju adj. to be hung up, caught on; to be stuck up (in a tree)
aju va. to be hung
ajukaay mbubba b hanger for garment
ak (ag) and, with (used with nouns and pronouns), ‘and’ linking verbs and phrases is ‘te’.
ak conj. ak and; with
ak jamma with peace, in peace
ak kan? and who?
ak meew ak meyw with milk
akara b n. (Yoruba) bean cake
aksi to arrive
Aku b n. Creole
al used with verb ending in a consonant to form imperative singular
al suffix indicating ‘doing for someone’
al suffix which turns verb into an active form (causative suffix)
alaa (Fula) no
alaafiya n. chance, freedom
Alaaji n. male pilgrim, a man who has been to Mecca, a man’s name, male pilgrim to Mecca (used as an honorific)
alaarba n. Wednesday
alal j/alel j property
alamaan b (Ar.) a fine
alamaan n./v. fine, ticket; to fine/to charge with
Alasaan a man’s name
Albadaar a village on the north bank (Albreda)
alcarly n. village leader
alee, tyaaw (Fr.) “allez, chiao” = goodbye
alel ju bari wealth
alel n. property, wealth
alersi a-ler-see allergy
Alet/dimaas n. Sunday
Alfa (Fula) (Ar.) a high rank in the Muslim hierarchy. e.g. Alfa Yayaa. Also used as a personal name
alfun n. (Ar.) a thousand; one million
Alham white Mercades bus, also called N’Diaga N’Diaye in Dakar
alheames n. Thursday
Ali (Ar.) a man’s name
aliwa n. wooden board to study/write the Koran on
Aliyu/Aliu (Ar.) a man’s name
aljana (Ar.) heaven, paradise
aljana/arjana n. heaven
aljuma (Ar.) Friday
Alkaali n. head of the village
alkaati al-kaa-tee the police
alkaati b (Ar.) policeman
alkoraan n. the Koran
alla b the ‘bush’
alla-akubaar (Ar.) God is great
allaaxira j (Ar.) the next world
allahu-akbar (Ar.) God is great
allaji b (alxaaji) (Ar.) title of a man who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
allarba Wednesday
àllarba al-lar-ba Wednesday
allarba ci suuba Wednesday morning
allarba j (Ar.) Wednesday
alluwa j (Ar.) wooden writing board
almaami (Ar.) title of ruler of various Muslim states such as Fuuta, Bundu, etc. e.g. Almaama Samori (cf. elimaan)
Almaañ (Fr.) Germany (French: Allemagne)
almanaak b (Ar.) calendar
almet b (Fr.) al-met match, matches (French: allumette)
almit n. match
almódoo n. Arabic student
almoor b n. (Fr.) cupboard (French: armoire)
almorre n. cupboard
almowal n. (Fr.) clothing, closet
Almuudu n. Arabic scholar
alon beauty shop
aloom g a tree
aloor (Fr.) then (French: alors)
alteneh/londy Monday
altine al-ti-ney Monday
altiné j n. (Ar.) Monday
Altine/Lundi n. Monday
altineh n. Monday
alxaaji j (Ar.) pilgrim
alxamdulēaay n. thanks to God/praise be to Allah (from Arabic ‘al hamdu lillah’)
alxamdulilaa ex. (Ar.) praise be to God
alxamdulillaa(xi) (Ar.) praise be to God
alxames al-kha-mes Thursday
alxames j (Ar.) Thursday
alxamis (Ar.) Thursday
Alxemes n. (Ar.) Thursday
alxuraan j (Ar.) The Koran
am or (used in double questions)
am a form of the indefinite article
am to have, possess
am to exist
am alel to have riches
am am have
am doom to have a child
Am na asiraans. am naa a-si-raans I have insurance.
Am na jabar. am naa ja-bar I’m married.
Am na jëkër. am naa juh-kuhr I’m married.
am na… there is, there are
am neñu ligeey we have work
Am nga … ? Do you have … ?, Do you have any … ?
am nga alaafiya you have got freedom
Am nga badge? Do you have any identifcation?
Am nga cigarette-american? Do you have American cigarettes?
Am nga cigarette-arngaleh? Do you have British cigarettes?
Am nga fahre? Do you have a boyfriend?
Am nga guidebook? Do you have a guidebook?
Am nga jangha? Do you have a girlfriend?
Am nga match/lighter? Do you have a match/lighter?
Am nga moto? Do you have a car?
Am nga tarble? Do you have a table?
Am nga telephone? Do you have a telephone?
Am ngeen néeg … ? am ngeyn neyg … Do you have a … room?
Am ngen lifegaurd? Is there a lifegaurd?
am reew a country
am sa weccit here’s your change
am solo am so-lo important
am v. to have
am xaalis to have money
am xar a sheep
am xel adj. to have intelligence; smart
am yaram adj. fat, to be big, to be stout (lit. have body)
am, yow here! take it!
am’am n. wealth
amaana perhaps
Amadu a man’s name
amam b fortune, possessions
am-am b fortune, possessions
Amari a man’s name
Amat a man’s name
amati to happen again
am-ati nga… you still have…
amatul no longer have; there no longer is
ambilaans bi am-bi-laans bee an ambulance
am-di-jamma n. acquaintance
ame to hold, have with one; be concerned with
ame va. to be in possession of something
amel v. to owe to (someone)
amel va. to be in debt (kind/cash), to owe
America USA
Amerik (Fr.) America (French: Amerique)
Amerik a-me-reek the USA
Amerika (E.) America
Amerikaan (E.) American
Amerikeñ (Fr.) American (French: Américain)
Amet n. Moor
ami kole n. nickname for a person called ‘Amie’
Ami, Aminata a woman’s name
amiin ex. (Ar.) amen
Amina the name of a woman’s magazine; a woman’s name
Ammoo neu … We don’t have …
amna there is, is there
Am-na … ? Is there … ?
Am-na neu garneu! There are people injured!
Am-nar dorm-bu-gegain. I have a daughter.
Am-nar dorm-bu-gore. I have a son.
Am-nar koui raicha! Someone is drowning!
Am-nar lehtahre? Is there any mail for me?
Am-nar payngu … I have been vaccinated against …
Am-nar suma pouhrsa. I have my own syringe/needle.
amoon na fi… once upon a time (the introduction to a story)
amu ñu doom they had no child
amul he has not
amul boppa he has not sense (lit. head)
amul fey a-mul fay free (of charge)
amut sans n. (of someone) they have bad luck
amxar n. split open
am-xel  va. to be smart
am-yaram va. to be fat, put on weight
an to pick up what has been swept into heaps
to eat lunch
any lunch
añ bi lunch (also ‘reward’)
añ bi paree lunch is ready
n. lunch
añ pare na lunch is ready
v./n. lunch
ana where? how is/are?
ana adv. where
ana caabi bi? where is the key?
ana conj. where is
ana Faatu? where is Faatu?
ana mu? where is it? where is he/she?
ana waa kër ga? where (how) are the people of the compound?
Ana wanag wi? a-na wa-nak wee Where are the toilets?
anaago n. frock
añaan to be jealous
añaan adj. jealous, envious, selfish
añaan va. to be envious, be jealous, be selfish
anaanas n. (Fr.) pineapple
añaanee va. to be jealous of
anal to pick up (garbage) for
anam (Ar.) page of a book
anam adv. (ana + mu) where is it
anam n. the manner/way to do something usssually right/holy manner/way
ananaas b pineapple
anango laa sol I’m wearing a frock
Anca a woman’s name
and i cuuraay b incense pot
anda to accompany
anda + ak aa? to go together
anda b n. a perforated pot in which incense is burnt, incense burner (made of clay), censer
andaar j n. (Ar.) a wooden bowl used as a measure; unit of measurment
andaar u dugub a bowl of millet
andandoo to go together with
andandoo n. companion
and-andoo; …b to go together, to agree; companion
ande a suffix indicating a quality
andi a suffix implying the idea of waiting
andikape an-dee-ka-pey disabled (person)
andoo a suffix indicating ‘together’
añee v. to lunch at
anga, ange, angi indicator of present tense
angale an-ga-ley English (language)
Angale lay laaka he speaks English
Angale n. English
Angalteer an-gla-teyr the UK
Angalteer leñu jógéé they come from England
Angalteer n. England
angera n. fertilizer (artificial)
añi to go for lunch
aniin j blue makeup for eyelids and lips
ankaay n. of course/yes
anndah n. incense burner
añsi to come for lunch
Anta a name
antal adj. able
antan/antal va. to be able to lift, bear, endure
antarē n. interest
ante a suffix indicating reciprocity
antēn n. antenna
antere (Fr.) come in (French: entrez)
antere an-te-rey the admission charge
anternet an-ter-net Internet
anti reverse causative suffix. eg lijjanti
antianflamatwaar an-tee-an-fla-mat-waar anti-inflammatories
antibiyotik an-tee-bee-yoh-teek antibiotics
antu a suffix indicating ‘spend time at’, generally implying a lack of seriousness
anyi n. some
aŋgale (Fr.) English (French: anglais)
aŋgalteer (Fr.) England (French: Angleterre)
aparante n. apprentice
aparé n. (Fr.) camera
apons n. foam mattress
appa b limit
apparanti n. apprentice
apree (Fr.) after (French: après)
apulu n. pink eye; eye infection
Araab n. (E.) (Fr.) Arab, Arabic (French: Arabe)
araam (Ar.) abomination, taboo; to be abominable
araam n. to be forbidden by Islamic law
araam v. to be forbidden
arabiis n. an infection between the toes
araf b (Ar.) letter of the alphabet, script
araf i angale European script
araf n. letter/alphabet
araf u tubab bi European script
Aram a woman’s name
arankees n. “iron case”, safe, money box
arar n. bugs under peanut piles
arba v. lend
arbalanteh n. share
arbēt n. (Fr.) referee
arbit bi jubut the referee is not straight forward
arbit n. referee
arca v. confront
arch v. hang
archa v. proceed
arduna n. globe; world; life
Arduna-nehh-na! Life is good!
are kaar a-ree kaar stop (bus)
aréén j, aaréen groundnut, peanut
arete v. to stop
arfehre n. affair; business
arga v. arrive
argne n. lunch
ariste v. to record
arjana n. (Ar.) heaven, paradise
arjor adj. polite
arju hanging
arjuma n. (Ar.) Friday
ark conj. and; also; with
arla n. forest, jungle
arlahrba n. Wednesday
arlell belonging
armeel w, armel (Ar.) cemetary
armeh v. possess, have
armell v. owe
armin interj. amen
armoor b (Fr.) cupboard (French: armoire)
armooth v. lack
arna where is
arna … ? where is/are … ?
Arna … be? Where is the … ?
Arna essancesehre be? Where is the nearest gas station?
Arna gaych-bu-mac be? Where is the beach?
Arna lorpetarn be? Where is the hospital?
Arna mahrseh be? Where is the market?
Arna pharmacy be? Where is the pharmacy?
Arna policeye? Where are the police?
Arna telephone be? Where is the telephone?
Arna wanackye? Where are the toilets/bathrooms?
arnda v. accompany
arndandohre n. companion
arne n. the strap under the horse
arngaleh n. English
Arngaltehre England
arñi a suffix indicating inversion, often indicating sudden or violent action as in ‘snatching away’
arnyane adj. envious
arpal v. allow
arsaman n. sky; cloud
arset n. plate
arteh to judge
arteh v. settle
artehkat n. judge
arterlay n. workshop
artu to warn
aryeah v. deprive
as a diminutive form of the indefinite article
as to scoop up, bail out (a canoe, etc.)
as ndox a small amount of water
asaka j (Ar.) charity, alms
asamaan s (Ar.) sky
asaman n. sky
Asan (Ar.) a man’s name
asansëër a-san-suuhr elevator
asansu woyaas a-saan-su wo-yaas travel agency
aseer j/aset j Saturday
aset bi setut the plate is not clean
aset n. plate; Saturday
aset/aseet b (Fr.) plate (French: assiette)
ashtray ashtray
asiraans a-si-raans insurance
askan w n. (Ar.) lineage, origin; tribe
askan wi n. the society
asma as-ma asthma
aspiriin as-pee-reen aspirin
aspuro aspirin
astafurlaa n. (Ar.) an exclamation of astonishment. “May God forgive”, “God help us”.
aste rather than
at a suffix indicating intensity
at mi n. year
ataaya bi safut the tea is not tasty
ataaya n. tea party, China green tea
ataliyé b (Fr.) workshop (French: atelier)
ataliye n. workshop
atan v. to be able to carry, to be able to lift
ati a suffix indicating ‘again’, ‘still’
att n. age; year
attaaya j (Ar.) tea (e.g. ‘Gunpowder tea’ served Mauritanian style)
attan to be able to carry (a load), be capable of
àttaya at-tai-ya Senegalese tea
atte to judge
atte b judgment
atte Yalla la it is the judgment of God; it is fate
attekaay b tribunal; courthouse
attekat b the judge
atu suffix indicating ‘no longer’
atul suffix indicating ‘no longer’
au revoir/salut (Fr.) goodbye
auberge in France it’s a hostel, but in West Africa it’s used (occasionally) to mean any small hotel
auberge bi oh-beyrs bee guesthouse
auberge de jeunesse (Fr.) oh-beyrs duh juh-nes youth hostel
aw form of the indefinite article
aw negative of ‘am’
aw to follow along (a path, etc.), go by
aw fas a horse
aw ma guru I have no kola
aw v. to take place, to replace work of someone, to pass through
aw yoon am (he) goes on his way
awa well then
Awa (Ar.) Eve (a woman’s name)
awa n. to relieve (allow each other resting time)
awa, ñu dem well then, let’s go
awal yoon wi follow the path
awans v. to make a payment, to go further
awiyon a-wee-yong plane
awma I don’t have
Awma dorm. I don’t have any children.
awokaa a-who-kaa lawyer
awokaa n. (Fr.) lawyer
ax exclamation of pity
axaan ahaa (exclamation)
axi v. to arrive (here), reach, pin for watch
ay some
ay to be spoilt
ay adj. some trouble
ay g a turn (as in ‘wait for your turn’)
ay gaal some canoes
ay nit some people
ay u bes g a week
ay v. some
ay w quarrel, fight
ay yéf some things
ay yéré some garments
Ayda a woman’s name
aye to be the turn of
aye n. to take one’s rotation of a job
aye v. to on duties
ayka bull
ayon (E.) iron (e.g. in medicine)
ayropoor ai-roh-powr airport
Aysa a woman’s name
Aysatu a woman’s name
ayubés g a week
aywa/awa an exclamation of encouragement

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